Preset Namecheap DNS for New Domains

Are you looking to setup DNS records for Namecheap domains you may add in the future, so that your domain just resolves, and doesn’t go through that “free parking at Namecheap” phase, or the additional Nginx 500 response that sometimes happens?

The instructions below will get you there.

Preconfigure Namecheap DNS to Auto Add DNS records to your new Domains

  1. Login to Namecheap
  2. Go to Profile > Tools
  3. You should see options for Organisation, Notifications, Advanced – the Advanced one contains “DNS and Redirect Presets” – click “Manage” next to that.
  4. Setup the DNS you would like the domain to default to. If you are using Namecheap’s Nameservers, you can only setup a redirect; but if you register your own nameservers, you can get your domains to point straight to your hosting (at least, as soon as you add the domain to your hosting machine!).

The tutorial for setting up your own nameservers at Namecheap can be found by clicking here.

Leave a comment below if this worked / didn’t work for you.

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