Reverse Date Order of WooCommerce Reviews – Show Newest / Oldest First

Sometimes you want to change some (seemingly) simple setting in your WordPress & WooCommerce website and you feel sure there should be “some setting” somewhere to fix it. For those times, we do the heavy lifting for our management clients, but for those of you learning how to self-host WooCommerce, we post tutorials. This is one of those times!

If you’re looking to alter the date order of the product reviews in your WooCommerce website, there are a number of ways to go about this.

  1. The plugin way – there are lots of paid (and some free) WooCommerce plugins which will help you to order your product reviews. Many provide lots of rich features which may not be necessary too, so be sure to establish what extras you’d like before going shopping – there is a simple solution, below!
  2. The coding way – you can add snippets of code you your functions.php file which re-order the reviews. This may be tempered by whatever hooks your theme uses and how this was built. And there is an easier way, below!
  3. The WordPress comment order way – this is the accepted easiest solution to switching your WooCommerce reviews to display in chronological or reverse chronological order (as your case may be), and it is very quick to implement.

The Easy Way – WordPress Comment Order

WooCommerce reviews use the WordPress comment system to hook into WP. This means that the WooCommerce reviews will (by default) display in the same order that WordPress comments display. And this is something that can easily be configured via your WordPress settings, at the following location:

  • WP Admin > Settings > Discussion

Here there is a line which reads “Comments should be displayed with the [Older] comments at the top of each page” – change the [Older] to [Newer] and hit “Save Changes” at the bottom of this settings page and you’ll have just reversed the order of your comments.

Doing the same in reverse will display the oldest reviews at the top.

Want to Do More With Product Reviews

There are some good plugins out there for doing more complex things with product reviews, such as making them more “Amazon like”, allowing people to say whether or not reviews were “helpful” and to allow usrs to select to view the best / worst reviews too. Plus more.

For those more complicated things, I suggest you check out the official plugin WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

Silicon Dales Can Help

We manage a number of WooCommerce stores for clients around the UK and rest of the World. We can help your ecommerce experience run more smoothly, by building, managing and maintaining your WordPress + WooCommerce environment. You do your store, we manage your WP + WooCommerce website – a winning team!

Plus, if you just want something done now by a team who works on WooCommerce and WordPress day-in, day-out, we can do a basic overhaul and update on a pre-agreed hourly rate right now. The “I just want it to work!” solution!!

Just contact Silicon Dales to find out more.

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