Getting ready for mobile-first indexing

Google announced on March 5th 2020 that it will be “switching to mobile-first indexing for all websites starting September 2020”. So what do you need to do with your site?

Responsive Design

Responsive design is pretty much baked-in for many WordPress and WooCommerce websites these days, but if you got your site made a few years ago, you may wish to check how the site renders on a mobile phone or iPad.

Google’s webmaster tools can help you with these best practices. There are also some tips on responsive design, specifically.

AMP for WordPress

AMP doesn’t cover all use cases, but it is a really powerful tool for delivering the majority of WordPress sites and pages in a way which Google loves. AMP was, after all, a Google project.

For webmasters

If you already know your way around, the full details on the changes, the new user agents and what to look out for are detailed here:

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