Silicon Dales on GitHub

Back in 2015, we finally got Silicon Dales onto GitHub.

It’s the versioning tool of choice for most of our partners and counterparts, so we hauled our assets from internal tools and SVN over to GitHub. There was no need to swim against the tide forever!

Note all of our projects and most of our info is private, so you will very likely see nothing, or a few small forks in there. While we work on Open Source, we do this for private clients, so the repository is private during development. Where possible, we launch projects and products into their own channels – which we’ll promote as and when necessary. Check our Twitter or here in the Silicon Dales website. If we have something to say, it’s not hard to find us!

Our GitHub is not therefore likely to contain many repositories, but we will try to post a LOT of Gists – containing snippets which can help you to customize the latest and greatest tools out there in the WordPress and WooCommerce world!

Find Silicon Dales on GitHub.

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