Adding a User to AWS with CloudFront permissions

If you want to allow someone else (like a contractor, or Silicon Dales) to access your AWS account to add CloudFront to act as a CDN for your WordPress website (and why wouldn’t you, its a great way to offload static content, and can even be free for your first year under the free usage tier!), then the instructions below will help you to make the necessary toggles to get that done in AWS’es sometimes unfamiliar panel.

Adding a User to AWS with CloudFront permissions

  1. Login to AWS account
  2. Go to the services menu at the top, and select IAM
  3. Click Users
  4. Click Add User
  5. Type a user name [SomeCloudFrontUser]
  6. Select “AWS Management Console Access”
  7. Either autogenerate the password and leave the item ticked for “user must create a new password”
  8. Click “Next: permissions”
  9. On this page, select “Add user to Group”
  10. Click “Create Group” below and put group name “cloudfront” or similar in the modal that comes up
  11. On the Attach Policy below, you should have a long list of policies – you can filter by typing in the box at the top. The one you want is “cloudfrontfullAccess” – select that one and hit “Create Group”
  12. Click the blue Next button
  13. Click Create User.
  14. Copy down the sign-in URL, the user name, and press “Show” on the password and copy that info down.

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