How to add an email signature into G Suite or Gmail emails

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If you ever wanted to know how to add a killer email signature into mail sent over G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps), the tutorial video below shows you how to do just that.

As well as the business version, G Suite, this will also work for standard free Gmail accounts too.

Tutorial Video – How to add email sigs into G Suite

In case you just wanted the text instructions, I’ve written them down below, to help you.

How to add an email signature into G Suite or Gmail emails

  1. Login to your G Suite email account
  2. Click the cog at the top right
  3. Click “Settings” in the list which drops down
  4. Under the “General” tab (which is usually open by default) scroll down until you see the “Signature” settings
  5. Enter your signature here, and ensure “add a signature” is selected
  6. Scroll down and hit “Save” at the bottom
  7. Open the compose email page and see your signature in action!

You need to repeat the steps above to make edits to your signature. You can add images and logos. You can change font sizes and colours. Be creative, and most of all, be sure to add information that your contacts will need to know about you first (like your phone number, days you work or whatever!).

If you’re doing this for a company, consider having (and checking) the email signature policy. Silicon Dales’ corporate clients can talk to us about issuing company wide signatures for your business on G Suite.

Support for your G Suite business email from Silicon Dales

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  1. this does not show how to add an image – the only reason i viewed it

    1. That’s because this should be apparent. If you don’t see the image upload option, you need to log out and log back in. Yeah, that’s the fix. I promise. Log out of ALL Google accounts too.

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