4 thoughts on “Fix Mailgun “550 Sender has no A, AAAA, or MX DNS records.””

  1. Hi, I’m running into the same error message that you were and I’ve tried fixing it but I’m not sure whether I’ve created the correct a-record. I added a mg.mydomain.co record with a value of the IP Address that is shown on my MailGun dashboard under Domians>mg.mydomain.co>Domain Information>IP Address. Is this correct or should it be the I.P Address of my main site?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Matt,

      The A record should be setup at mg.mydomain.co to point to where your server is – the mail origin server. This is the IP where your website is hosted.

      So where your WWW a record points – to that IP. Or, if you have an @ a record, to that IP.


  2. I actually did everything in this article, including setting A record for mg.mydomain.com in DNS records, but I am still getting the “550 Sender has no A, AAAA, or MX DNS records” error? To configure MailGun with GoDaddy, I have added/verified TXT records for my domain and added subdomain A record to DNS per this article (no MailGun MX records added to avoid existing MX record conflicts).. but I still can’t get GoDaddy emails to send after 48hours. Only Google emails send properly. Not sure what to do next?


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