Google Workspace – Help, My Signature Input has no Image Uploads!

Here we have an uncommon Gmail or Google Workspace issue, which will affect users rarely, but when it does, will be most perplexing to the afflicted. Luckily, in this Google Workspace tutorial, we present both problem and solution.

The Problem?

On a recent support enquiry we found an issue where a user on a new Google Workspace account was unable to upload images in the input which pops up when they went to add their signature.

The boxes “My Drive” and “Upload” were missing, allowing the user only to insert “Web Address (URL)” option. Sub optimal.

Logging into their account, our administrators were able to see the “missing” options, too.

What it should look like

What it should look like – image uploader and G Drive

What it did look like – only “Web Address (URL)” option visible

BUT… it looked like this instead

Gmail missing image uploads box and G Drive box

Confused? If you have this issue too, you might be.

The Solution

The solution proved to be a simple case of SAAS “turn it off and back on again” in that this issue was caused by a new Google Account in a Chrome browser which is already logged into “other” Google accounts.

The answer is to either:

  1. Sign out of all Google accounts in the browser, log back in to the “problem” Gmail account – and try again; or
  2. Login to the “problem” account incognito / private mode and you’ll see the box.

Fixed it for you? Leave a comment below!

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1 thought on “Google Workspace – Help, My Signature Input has no Image Uploads!”

  1. This unfortunately did not resolve my issue.

    Was initially in an incognito anyways but cleared the cache on my actual browser and tried to login vanilla. Same issue exists.


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