How to Re-Send Order Emails in WooCommerce

How to Re-Send Order Emails in WooCommerce featured image
(Last Updated On: October 25, 2016)

If you would like to re-send any order related emails (AKA transactional mail) in WooCommerce, either to a customer, or to an admin, in order to re-notify after failure to receive, or just to issue a polite reminder about an invoice (or order), then the tutorial below will allow you to do that.

How to Re-Send order emails in WooCommerce

  1. Open the order in question (visit WooCommerce > Orders > Edit on specific order)
  2. At the top right, there is a dropdown called “Order Actions”, in this list, you will see “Resend emails”
  3. Select the email you want to resend from this list (i.e. “new order” to resend the order confirmation) and press the symbol to the right of the list to fire out a quick email re-send.
  4. Repeat for each email you want to resend! That’s all there is to it!

What if Email is not Received?

If this doesn’t work to resend you email, then you will want to confirm that the emails are being sent to the right place by WooCommerce in the admin settings, by visiting: WooCommerce > Settings > Emails and checking the “Recipients” are setup correctly.

If you are sure this is right, consider setting up an external transactional email system like Mandrill (paid, part of MailChimp) or Mailgun (free for up to 10,000 emails per month – from Rackspace), both of which have logging on mail sent / bounces etc, and both have WordPress plugins which can be utilised to make them work.

1 thought on “How to Re-Send Order Emails in WooCommerce

  1. Excellent. Tried it; it works.

    However … how can i resend invoices to 800 customers. Ideally I tick the box of each customer i want to resend to. Then press Apply.

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