7 thoughts on “How to Re-Send Order Emails in WooCommerce”

  1. Excellent. Tried it; it works.

    However … how can i resend invoices to 800 customers. Ideally I tick the box of each customer i want to resend to. Then press Apply.

    • Hi John,

      Just spotted your comment during a content review! Sorry for missing it first time around. I’m sure you’ll have found (some kind of) solution to this by now, more than 12 months later… but still, to re-send “lots” of emails to customers, you’d need to do something “custom” to send mails to lots of customers. Either a quick custom plugin, or perhaps utilising the WC CLI (WooCommerce Command Line Interface) to (for example) add order notes, sent to client, saying, “sorry we had email troubles… your order details are below” or similar, could be quickly sent to all.

      In short, its really a job for a developer to make this happen as its not something the software was built for “out of the box”.

      Another thing to fix, is *why* your mail wasn’t sending, too!

      • Why I would like to do this ‘in bulk’ is because a download file was updated due to noticing an error in the first download file, and I need to warn my customers that there now is a new link. 😉
        We all have our reasons.

  2. When resending the new order mail, the client does not receive the mail. Only the shop manager receives it. I have set up smtp.

  3. Hi Robin, I stumbled upon this article when looking for on how to trigger on-hold email and this doesn’t seem to be an option any more from what I gather.

    And just came to say “hi” 🙂

    • Hi Bruno 🙂

      I’m not convinced the “on hold” email was re-sendable from here before, but the other options (to re-send order email / invoice to customer) do still exist.

      Admin emails can be triggered from these controls too.

      The options are (normally) (for completed / processing orders):

      * Email order / invoice to customer (re-send)
      * Resend new order notification (to admin)
      * Regenerate download permissions (not related to email… it’s for downloads with limits, to reset them on customer complaint).

      For on-hold orders the options are the same – i.e. the email is an invoice, not the “on hold” email itself.

      Hope this makes sense?!

  4. Hi there!

    I’m came across this article + comments since I’m experiencing the same problem.

    My customers don’t receive any confirmation mails at all but everything in the “e-mail” set up under settings seems to be in order.
    The problem also appear only to certain customers, and not all of them…

    Does anybody know what kind of error that I’m facing?



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