Case Study: Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Fix and Customized Reports for Elixir Studios, Texas

Elixir Studios works with companies one-on-one to ensure clients receive the highest quality of custom web design and support when launching.

Silicon Dales assisted the experienced team from Elixir Studios to troubleshoot an error in the integration between WooCommerce and As part of the fix, all plugins, themes and versions were updated to latest stable release, permissions checked and appropriate php functions enabled. Unused themes and plugins were also culled.

Once payments were running smoothly again, Silicon Dales worked with Mark Warren at Elixir to produce custom reports from WooCommerce.

Elixir have since engaged Silicon Dales a further two times for custom WooCommerce work – making Elixir’s websites as intuitive and useful as possible for their clients.

Mark Warren of Elixir Studios commented on working with Silicon Dales:

When our lead developer left our company in the middle of a project we were left with a void that we need to fill right away. Unable to locate anyone in the US that could take care of our immediate needs in a timely matter I was able to locate Silicon Dales on the WooCommerce website as a preferred partner.

What started as a quick inquiry over price soon turned into multiple work requests to fulfill our customers’ needs over the course of several months.

I was amazed at the level of communication, Woo knowledge and development skills that Silicon Dales has to offer. Whenever I suggested a functionality that our customer was looking for… Silicon Dales came back with a solution that exceeded my expectations and within our budget.

Looking forward to a long business relationship. Thanks for all the hard work.

Truly an amazing job!

For help with WooCommerce payment gateway integrations and WooCommerce reports, contact Silicon Dales today.