Silicon Dales are WooCommerce Affiliates

Here is a quick post to explain that Silicon Dales are, as of a couple of weeks ago, WooCommerce affiliates.

In addition to being accredited WooExperts (which means we are officially recognised as capable of helping you to build, launch, manage, maintain, develop and otherwise toggle with your WooCommerce store!) Silicon Dales were also invited along with a closed pool of other experts to become affiliates of WooCommerce.

Why We’re Telling You

This means that Silicon Dales may be paid for making referals to WooCommerce when you make a purchase. We’re always very transparent about this sort of thing. We know you expect that of us. And rightly so.

So we’re being up front, and saying, if we link to WooCommerce, or point to a plugin, expect that link to have our affiliate tracking code on it, so we are recognised as the source of that visit and, should you go on to make a purchase, we get some payment.

Why We’ve Done This

Silicon Dales exists to sell our Open Source expertise to the world, for a fair fee. We often share free tips and tutorials and recommendations to our clients and indeed people we will never meet for free. Long may that continue. But we must also pay our bills.

Becoming an affiliate of something we were already recommending allows us to continue recommending WooCommerce (which we obviously would do) and also to get paid if and when, having taken advantage of our free advice, you go on to buy something.

The Price Does Not Change

Its important to remember that the price you pay does not increase purely because we earn a referral fee for telling you about a WooCommerce product.

What happens instead, is we connect you with the right tool for the job (usually in the form of a WooCommerce Extension) and you get the benefit of that tool. WooCommerce + Automattic gets paid, we get paid, you get a well supported ecommerce tool, which means you get paid too!

Win. Win. Win.

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