Save £75 on Jetpack Pro with our Holidays Voucher Code!

Silicon Dales have partnered with Automattic in relation to, Jetpack and WooCommerce. This means we are affiliates for the products and services provided – please note, for full disclosure, this does mean we are paid commissions for referring sales to Jetpack, and WooCommerce.

Jetpack (and also have provided an awesome special offer for the 2017 holidays period, which can only be used in conjunction with our referral link.

The voucher code will get you 30% off anything you order at or Jetpack during the period 15 December to 31 December – i.e. during the Holidays!

This means, if you are in the UK, and you order a year of Jetpack Pro package, this reduces the price from £250 to £175 – a saving of £75!

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is a real powerpack of products. Find content we’ve written about Jetpack here. Specifically, see the article Linda Scott wrote all about Jetpack Pro features, here.

What’s the Voucher Code?

The code you need to use is: HOLIDAY30

You need to use our link, below – this is an affiliate only offer (you can’t just order and enter the code – click the link below first!):

Remember, the code above gets you 30% off during December 15-31. Offer will close at the end of 2017.

Happy Holidays!

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