A Fresh Look for Silicon Dales

A new look Silicon Dales website has just launched.


If you like the new website and would like something similar for your own website, simply get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Update – March 2018

To keep you posted on this, since going live on this version we have:

  • Restructured our URLs
  • Updated the sidebars site wide to remove category links
  • Made the website 3x faster
  • Implemented caching preloading
  • Implemented AMP for faster global mobile loading
  • Moved the site to be hosted (once more) on AWS, only this time through Cloudways
  • Made more general SEO improvements
  • Implemented a rigid content strategy
  • Updated every single item of content in this website (yes, that includes all posts, tags, categories – 1,800+ individual items of content) to be more in line with our brand lens
  • Added a whole new online booking system, at a subdomain

The above only scratches the surface – its the headlines – of the changes we are making constantly to our, and our clients’, websites, in order to continue delivering a quality service, online experience, and to deserve to rank really nicely in the search engines too. If you’d like us to commit to a similar level of ruthless focus on speed and quality for your WordPress or WooCommerce website, then just contact us.

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